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Why buy used!

This company manufacture high quality saddles at a realistic price. Hand Built in Texas.

In this range there are always plenty to choose from however their styles are always changing so  I'll need to know what seat size you need and then I'll check for you,

7" gullet. Close Contact and if you require Semi or 8 inch Gullet we can arrange this

Barrel Adult saddles range from around $1795.00 POSTED AUD and up. (Adult sizes)

Barre; Youth Sizes are also available and they will range from around $1495.00 AUD POSTED

Hand tooled. Rawhide wrapped wood trees.

I have added a couple of Photos to show you what we can offer you.

Contact me for a quote please and I'll check Stock PRE ORDERS

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NEW! 🐎 💖SRS Barrel Saddle  🚚 Posted*
NEW! 🐎 💖SRS Barrel Saddle 🚚 Posted*
AUD1,895.00 Sold out

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