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SRS Youth 12" Cowboy/ Cowgirl Saddle- Rope Border Tooling

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Brand NEW! SRS® 12" (11.5" inner) Cowboy/Cowgirl Saddle. Hand Built in Texas.
These saddles are designed to fit most ponies and horses really well.
This saddle is a 12" Cowboy Saddle w/Basket Stamp & Rope Border
  •  Fibreglass Covered Wood Tree
  • Approx 6" Gullet (Decent bar flare so should fit bigger horses)
  • Approx 3-3.5" Swell
  • Flare 14"
  • 3" Horn
  • Nylon Latigos
  • 3" Cantle Height
  • Heavy Oiled Finished Leather
  • Roughout Jockeys & Fenders
  • Basket Stamped with Rope Border
  • 3-1/4" Flank Cinch
  • Approximate weight 11.5kg
  • Roughout
  • Rawhide covered irons
  • Blevin Buckle Fender Adjustment
  • 20" approx with adjustment either side.
  • Cutaway under Fenders for Closer Contact
  • Approx 20-21"
  • Stainless Steel

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