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NEW! 🐎 💖 VIPA II Body Protector 🚚 Posted*

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The VIPA II Body Protector is designed for both female and male drivers.The VIPA II Body Protector is specially designed with a shortened back * for carriage drivers and their passengers only *.  It is NOT suitable for general horse riding as it does not provide adequate coverage of the back for those riding horses.
The VIPA II Body Protector is available in Black. Red is available as a special order.
The VIPA II Body Protector has been approved by Harness Racing Australia (HRA)  and features the HRA rubber logo on the right hand side.
The VIPA II Body Protector is constructed using Air Mesh, a lightweight material chosen for it’s strength, that allows for ventilation.The shock absorbing foam is especially designed to absorb impact when needed.  Air holes give extra airflow and ventilation for rider comfort
NEW! 🐎 💖 VIPA II Body Protector 🚚 Posted*

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