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^VIPA Groundsman Body Protector 20mm – for Cattle Industry

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The VIPA Groundsman Body Protector is designed for people working on the ground around animals / livestock.  Barrier attendants, vets, and staff working with yearlings and stallions use this vest.  * It is not suitable for horse riders *The VIPA Groundsman Body Protector is also designed for people needing personal body protection when working as crowd control, e.g. security guards.


20mm – for Cattle Industry
The VIPA Groundsman Body Protector is available in 10mm thickness and 15mm thickness. The VIPA Groundsman Body Protector is available in Black.  Other colours are available as a special order
The VIPA Groundsman Body Protector is constructed using Air Mesh, a lightweight material chosen for it’s strength, that allows for ventilation.The shock absorbing foam is especially designed to absorb impact when needed.  Air holes give extra airflow and ventilation for comfort
The VIPA Groundsman Body Protector is approved for use by barrier attendants / gate crew throughout the world
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Hand wash in luke warm water. Add a few drops of mild detergent and gently swirl. Rinse. Hang on a coat hanger in the shade and leave to drip dry