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UlcerEze 900g PROBIOTIC

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Ulcer Eze is an aII naturaI inactivated probiotic feed ingredient to help maintain gastric health in intensively managed horses.

Ulcer Eze has a unique equine specific probiotic that is designed and manufactured exclusively for the equine athlete.

Ulcer Eze is the product of the fermentation of soya flour by specific lactic acid bacteria. It helps maintain gastric health by supporting healthy levels of gastric acid and intestinal proteins. Ulcer Eze is easy to use. In addition, it has no doping effect which means it can be used throughout the horse's period of activity. It is manufactured to international 'GMP' standards. 

Ulcer Eze assists with the following: 

  • Maintaining the integrity of the digestive tract
  • Promoting beneficial bacteria
  • Appetite and stool improvement 
  • Proven clinical Efficacy Studies
  • Supporting the intestinal micro flora balance


Feeding Instructions: 45 grams per day 1.5 scoop.