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TuffRock Ultimate Horse Care Kit

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Ultimate Horse Care Kit

The ultimate kit for everyday horses.

Start with 500 ml of TuffRock GI (Gastro-Intestinal) liquid for gut collagen to optimise digestion of any type of feedstuff, application rates are on the label.
After the GI, at night feed add a capful of TuffRock C+ (Conditioner Plus) every evening because these minerals are great for healthy body muscle condition, shiny coats & strong hoof collagen.
At the same time as adding C+ each evening, in the morning feed 50 gms / 500 kg Bodyweight of the new formula improved TuffRock EJF powder (Everyday Joint Formula) because it contains joint collagen minerals, Calcium and Vit B for natural freedom of movement in horses of all ages.


EJF (Everyday Joint Formula) 3kg (500g FREE!)

EJF World's first everyday joint support made from volcanic collagen minerals with calcium and Botanic Vitamin B in a Bran & Pollard base for Synovial Joint Fluid/Cartilage/Ligaments/Tendons/Muscles/Bones.


GI (Gastro-intestinal) 500ml

IMPROVED FORMULA of our already incredibly successful TuffRock GI. 
TuffRock GI is a patented gastro-intestinal liquid made from 100% Australian ancient volcanic tuff with 10 Essential Minerals colloidal chelated for gut health. 

It binds and reduces the effects of harmful mycotoxins in the diet, and assists to maintain normal gastro-intestinal function, pH levels and gut flora when used regularly.

GI is also suitable for use during:
- gastro-intestinal upset
- times of stress
- travel
- change of feed


C+ (Conditioner Plus) 500ml

World’s first ancient Volcanic liquid feed additive for show condition, coat & hooves Recommended also for feed conversion and injury recovery.