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TropiCAL PRO Blend (Postage to be quoted)

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What is TropiCAL Pro  Blend?

Equine Vit&Min TropiCAL PRO is a multi-vitamin and mineral blend rich in calcium to correct calcium to oxalate ratios in the diets of hard-working, breeding & growing horses grazing high oxalate pastures. Equine Vit&Min is unique in its ability to balance the mineral profile across the whole diet.

It contains a blend of chelated organic as well as inorganic minerals with added salt, biotin, and natural Vitamin E.

Mix daily serve of EVM TropiCAL-Pro into horse’s slightly dampened feed. Amount can be halved and fed twice daily. Scoop included in pack holds 100g.

Miniatures: 50-75g/day
Ponies / Galloways: 75-150g/day
Horses: 150-175g/day

Additional calcium may be required depending on oxalate intake. Free diet analysis is highly recommended.

If using a fortified feed such as pellets or muesli mix, reduce the rate of Equine Vit&Min. Do not feed more Equine Vit&Min unless advised by a veterinarian or nutritionist. Since Equine Vit&Min does not contain salt, ensure adequate salt is provided to meet requirements based on horse bodyweight, workload, and environmental conditions.