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Cool, breezy and practical for the summer days and nights. This shade cloth is made from very durable and strong nylon mesh. Super light and dries in an instant if wet. It has shoulder gussetts with satin shoulders and mane, with all metal fittings. Purple/White, White (only) and Star Print.

Also available in rug only and also hood - white only - see Sunshade Rug, Sunshade Hood.

Sizes available just add to NOTES 02/08/2021 (Subject to change)

Purple/white 4'6,4'9,5'0,5'3,5'6,5'9 ,6'0, 66,'6'9

White 4'6,4'9,5'0,5'3,5'6,5'9 ,6'0, 66,'6'9

Grey 5'9 ,60,6'3,6'6 and 6'9

Star 4'6,4'9,5'0,5'3,5'6,5'9

Sizes subject to change