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Showmaster Quilted Kwik-Dry GP Saddle Pad

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Product Features and Benefits

Protect your horse's back by absorbing sweat, distributing weight, and cushioning the saddle with the Showmaster Quilted Kwik-Dry GP Saddle Pad. 

Lined with Kwik-Dry fabric to keep your horse cool and comfortable. Ride with confidence knowing any moisture and sweat will be quickly absorbed, therefore will not cause any slipping or sliding in the saddle.

This saddle pad is ideal for general-purpose riding. It's all thanks to its ergonomic shape, distributing rider weight, and relieving pressure points for a more comfortable ride for both you and your horse. 

Key Features
• Kwik-Dry fabric ensures moisture and/or sweat does not cause performance issues
• Ergonomic shape distributes weight and relieves pressure points
• Will help keep your horses back healthy.