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Showman ® 36” X 34” Wool Top Contoured Memory Felt Bottom Saddle Pad – Southwest

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This wool felt saddle pad is the perfect choice for riders who want to ride in style and is a great option for performance horses. The pad features a blanket top with hand woven designs, made of high-quality wool, which provides excellent cushioning and moisture-wicking properties. The contoured shape of the pad ensures a perfect fit to your horse's back, reducing the risk of any discomfort or injury.

The bottom of the pad is cushioned with 3/4" memory felt, which is a dense and durable material that is extremely breathable and will keep your horse cool. The wool felt also provides excellent shock absorption, reducing the impact of each stride and is very easy to clean. The pad comes with top grain wear leathers on the sides, spine, and withers which provide additional protection to the pad's edges and increase its durability.

  • 36" x 34"
  • Wool blanket top.
  • 3/4" tan memory felt bottom.
  • Top grain wear leathers.
  • Contoured leather spine.
  • Conforms to your horses back for a sure fit.
  • Smoother shock absorbing rides

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