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Schneiders® Flat Padded Hunter Bridle with Fancy Stitching

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Exceptional Quality Flat, Padded Hunter Bridle

Discover the Schneiders® Flat Padded Hunter Bridle with Fancy Stitching. Crafted from hand-selected, premium English leather, this bridle delivers exceptional comfort, resilience, and quality that will exceed your expectations. With a meticulous design featuring 13 to 15 stitches per inch, hand-rubbed edges, and robust stainless hardware, this bridle is built for durability. The beautiful hunter bridle includes 5/8" x 54" laced reins for optimal control.

  • A padded hunter bridle with a flat browband and crown
  • Designed with an anatomical crown for comfort
  • Elegantly designed with fancy stitching accents
  • Double adjustable throat latch for a custom fit
  • Includes 5/8" x 54" laced reins
  • An Anatomical Crown for Comfort
    Experience the pinnacle of equine comfort with our specially designed Anatomical Crown. This feature incorporates a shaped and padded crown that mitigates any pressure points caused by narrower crowns. Specifically contoured to cater to the comfort around the horse's ears, this design ensures a relaxed, stress-free experience for your prized companion.
  • Padded, Flat Browband and Crown
    This piece features decorative stitching on a 1 1/4" wide nose and browband, showcasing an elegant, fancy-stitched design. The noseband thoughtfully tapers down to the chin strap, combining style and comfort for your equine partner.
  • Double Adjustable Throat Latch
    Discover the convenience and comfort of our Double Adjustable Throat Latch. This feature is engineered to provide a custom, balanced fit for your horse, ensuring ultimate comfort.