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Reiter Gauze Cotton Wool Roll

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Reiter’s Gauze Cotton Wool Roll is excellent for under bandages to increase healing time. It is 1.8 metres long by 30cm tall, allowing you to get the perfect amount of cotton wool gauze you need. The Reiter Gauze Cotton Wool Roll provides a strong compression effect, ideal for first aid or wound management with highly absorbent, gauze covered cotton. This wool roll will also provide a strong cushioned padding for your animal, providing support and insulation especially on their tendons and hocks. There are many different ways you can use this roll for a variety of wound care, first aid or regular bandaging. This roll of cotton gauze is excellent under bandages, dressing wounds or as a cleaning aid for wounds.

  • Gauze covered cotton wool.
  • 1.8mx30cm
  • Provides strong compression effect
  • Ideal for first aid or wound management
  • Provides strong cushioned padding, supporting any tendons or ligaments as well as keeping them insulated.
  • Can be used for wound care, first aid or bandaging
  • Excellent under bandages

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