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TuffRock Conditioner Plus 4 Litre Easy Pour

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Tuffrock Conditioner Plus is the new all-in-one liquid feed additive that supports the generation of collagen, digestive health, feed conversion and overall well-being. It is fantastic for coat, mane, tail and hoof condition as well as joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and mucosal linings.

Tuffrock Conditioner Plus is indicated for clinical use with race horses that are poor doers, teeth grinding, biting or difficult starters.

Tuffrock Conditioner Plus comes in liquid form, is simple to use orally or by adding to feed.


Directions for Use:

Shake before use. Paste over the tongue or add to the feed. Replace lid immediately after use. Store in a cool location & prevent from freezinlg.



  • Horses in full work: 10 to 20ml twice daily with feed.

  • Quarter horses, paints & pintos: 20ml once a day

  • Equestrian or yearling preparation: 20ml once a day

  • Galloways, ponies, weanlings or spelling horses: 10ml once a day.

The 1L easy pour pack includes a 20ml measuring cap as the red lid.

20 ml twice a day is indicated to support

  • horses in full work

  • horses recovering from injuries

  • horses with high stress susceptibility

  • horses with hoof problems

  • horses with joint problems

  • older horses in need of dietary support

Conditioner Plus is naturally palatable to horses and easily complements all types of feed. It also contains nominally 5% per serve essential earth minerals including zinc to aid joint health, performance and stamina.


Conditioner Plus is all natural and contains no drugs, chemicals, antibiotics, probiotics, enzymes or heavy metals.


Conditioner Plus has no withholding period for racing. Tuffrock does not swab & is 100% natural.

Some horses have difficulty maintaining condition which can be related to stresses of work load, stabling, traveling, competing, adjusting to new conditions, seasonal changes in pastures or simple adjustments to feed. It is with these stresses in mind that TuffRock as developed Conditioner Plus to complement balanced feed programs, guarding against toxin overloads and reducing supplement usage by supporting a horse’s normal physiology.

Active Composition: Blended natural sodium/potassium/calcium alumino-silicates. Kaolin, halloysite, sodium bentonite, feldspar and water.

Bio available silicon is an essential elemental mineral for horses which is essential to the process of adding calcium for hardness to the bone, plus supporting collagen generation. The tough connective tissue that binds everything together eg cartilage, tendons, ligament, joints, muscles etc. and gives bones flexibility. Studies are now showing that bio-available silicon supplemented bones have a 100% increase in collagen over low silicon bones. Trials are on going but showing that horses in training are having fewer injuries supplemented with bio-available silicon. Also Collagen is an important healer. Horses that have toxins in their diet are challenged in their natural ability to generate enough collagen.



Tuffrock’s technology converts natural complex alumino-silicates into bioavailable silicon. This means the acidic part of the digestive process can covert the silicon element into monosilicic acid. In this form, absorption becomes possible across the intestinal wall to become a source of some of the world’s purest bio available silicon, an essential elemental mineral for horses. Bioavailable silicon works by chemically binding the structures of surface tissues and those that connect the bones.