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NEW! 🐎 💖The Macaelah Collection Bridle and Breastplate Set 🚚 Posted.*

NEW! 🐎 💖The Macaelah Collection Bridle and Breastplate Set 🚚 Posted.*

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The Macaelah Collection has 10 Individual Pieces that you can purchase separately , You can choose from 3 Bridle designs, 2 Breast-collar Designs or you may like to purchase just the 5 Piece set (See Photos) $2630.00 includes Postage .If you need help please contact us and we will help you countryscene7767@gmail.com

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The Macaelah Collection breastcollar features medium oil leather with hand painted floral details, turquoise and clear crystal embellishments, turquoise reptile print accents

Base price of $419.95 includes

 $189.95  bridle ID #45-7865-33-0

$239.95 breastcollar.ID #45-7866F-33-0


Matching products include: Individual RRP

$80.00 Noseband ID #45-7867-33-0,

$55.00 Spur Strap ID #78-7863-33-0,

$40.00 Wither Strap ID #45-7868-33-0,

$209.95 Breastplate NO fringe ID #45-7866-33-0,

Tie down Hobble ID #45-7869-33-0,

$179.95 ONE EAR Headstall   ID #45-7864-33-0,

$199.95 Headstall with Fringe  ID #45-7865F-33-0,

$2200.00 Saddle by itself.



 You can opt for the complete 5 piece

ID #9SR78635P

Macaelah Barrel 5 Piece Saddle Package Retails $2,630.00 includes Postage.

EMAIL :countryscene7767@gmail.com  to place order





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