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NEW! 🐎 💖 Syd Hill Premium Stock Saddle with Adjustable Tree Leather 🚚 Posted.*

NEW! 🐎 💖 Syd Hill Premium Stock Saddle with Adjustable Tree Leather 🚚 Posted.*

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Syd Hill & Sons saddles maker is known for producing durable leather wear and specialises in Western & Stock Saddles. The Syd Hill Stock Saddle is one of our most sold stock saddle to date. The Syd Hill Stock Saddle is also available in a synthetic material. Some of the features include:
  • Syd Hill Stock saddle (Premium Model 'Silver')
  • Plain Flap
  • Very secure seat (great for the unbalanced rider)
  • Superior Brown Leather
  • Clean Modern Design made to distribute the weight well (especially a benefit for the heavier riders)
  • Sizes Available: 16inch and  17inch
  • Gel Seat for Improved Rider Position & Comfort
  • Adjustable tree to suit most withers, comes fitted with a medium gullet (wide gullet available on request)
  • Flocked filled Panels
  • Interchangeable gullet plates that you can adjust yourself if required
  • This Saddle will last you for years - now with a 5 year warranty on the tree. 
  • Brand: Syd Hill & Sons
  • Change the gullet when needed: Interchangeable gullet plates to allow you to change the fit of the saddle if your horse grows, or you decide to use the saddle on a different horse.
  • Shop with confidence as there is a long guarantee on the saddle tree (5 years). Just make sure you keep the receipt.
  • A thoroughly researched and tested design, the Syd hill brand has been around for over 5 generations, to make the ultimate saddle.

Out of stock saddles currently are: 23.03.2020

Plain stock in non adjustable style (all sizes and colours currently out of stock)

Plain stock saddle premium adjustable version, 16” in both leather and synthetic version is out of stock.

These models are both on order and should be back in stock very soon.

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