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Syd Hill Non Adjustable Synthetic Half Breed

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The half breed brings together the best of modern balanced riding styles with the comfort of a western style seat.

The half breed is a modern refinement on saddle styles that provides a very comfortable, stable and safe saddle to ride in.

The half breed sits the rider in a 'balanced' seat with the shoulder, hips and ankles in a balanced line. This centered and balanced seat is more comfortable and means the rider is more fully balanced, the ride can use the seat and legs more effectively and adapt to changes in the horse with more precision and feel.

They provide the balance, feel and precision of a dressage saddle, with the comfort of a western saddle seat and the security of stock saddle thigh pads

Many riders nowadays have transitioned to this style of saddle because it improves your comfort, your performance and your security.

This particular model is made from a high grade synthetic material which is both lightweight and easy to care for. This model is non-adjustable but suited to wider fit horses, typically quarter horses

Can be used on pony (pony is under 12hh in pic )

Colours might change without notice

These are very popular saddles if we sell out don't stress we can place on pre order4 for the next shipment and supply a ETA.


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