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Suede Chinks with Basketweave Accents

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These suede chinks feature a basket tooled cowhide yoke and fringe down the length of each leg. Basketweave edging and basketweave design with 3 conchos adorn the side of each leg. Three buckle closure attachment on each thigh. Back of yoke is adjustable.



Waist 43inches to 48inches

Upper Thigh 24.5inches to 29inches

Mid Thigh 22.5inches to 27inches

Above knee 22inches to 26inches



Waist 41inches to 44.5inches

Upper Thigh 22inches to 26inches

Mid Thigh 20inches to 24inches

Above knee 19inches to 23.5inches



Waist 41inches to 46inches

Upper Thigh 23inches to 27inches

Mid Thigh 22.5inches to 25inches

Above knee 19.5inches to 24inches