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NEW! 🐎 💖Rejuvenate 🚚 Postage to be Quoted .*

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What is Omega Balancer?

Omega Balancer is a rich source of stabilised omega 3 & 6 fatty acids from plant, algae and fish sources contained in ratios to balance forage and feed oils. It is very concentrated, with a large horse only requiring from 30g per day.

Directions for Use

Daily rate for horses: 35-70 g (for high hay rations or coat conditioning effect)
Daily rate for ponies: 15-35 g
For coat & skin conditioning and general anti-inflammation: 30 g horses, 15g ponies
Where there is no green pasture: 60 g horses, 30 g ponies
For reproduction purposes:
For mares 6-10 days pre-foal and 50-60 days post foal for reproductive healing: 120g
For stallions during breeding season for sperm motility and sperm count: 120g

1 g for every 1ml of canola oil where canola is used as an energy source
If feeding canola oil, give equal weights of Omega Balancer and oil to achieve a 1.2:1 ratio.

Best results are obtained when used as part of a diet with correct mineral balance. Can be fed in conjunction with multi-vitamin and mineral supplements such as Equine Vit&Min. Can be fed with mineral-fortified bagged feeds. Always ensure horses have access to fresh, clean water and a source of free choice salt.

Does not contain substances prohibited by the rules of racing and FEI competitions.

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