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14" , 15", 16" Semi Quarter Horse

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14", 15", 16" Double T barrel saddle with roughout fenders and jockies.  Features floral tooling on pommel, cantle and skirts.  Saddle has inskirt rigging and suede leather seat.


Seat:        14" , 15", 16"
Bars:         Semi Quarter Horse
Swell:       12”
Gullet:       7”
Horn:        3”
Cantle:      3.5”
Skirts:       10”x24”       
Stirrups:    30” to 34” Leather Adjustment
**additional holes can be added to stirrup adjustments**

 Tree:  Wood Tree Fiberglass covered
Weight:     32lbs                   

Finish:       Medium

** Stirrup adjustment is measured from center of the seat to the top of the tread.**