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Whether it’s a ride in the unforgiving Australian outback, a well-choreographed routine in the sandy show ring, or a raging gallop in the lush green ovals, Classic Equine makes the best horse accessories for all terrains and riding styles.

Hailing from the Lone Star State of Texas in the USA, the brand is known worldwide for its premium horse accessories that marry high-quality materials, unparalleled craftsmanship, and durable and functional design in perfect harmony.

The brand has a reputed collection of horse accessories including saddle pads, halters, mouth bits, correction pads, and sports boots.

Classic Equine’s drive for winning, the commitment to continued product innovation, and the desire to be the leader in quality and comfort have made it the trusted choice for many champions across the globe.

These Pro Reiner Skid Boots from Classic Equine are made from full-grain American cowhide and have been specially treated to remain soft and pliable. These protect the performance horses from injuries caused by sliding stop manoeuvres.

The smooth and precise design of these skid boots provides complete protection and a no-rub fit. Extensively tested for comfort and durability, the cup-shaped skid is positioned to take the full impact and can withstand even the roughest ground conditions.

The cleverly designed double velcro closures secure the boot close to the horse’s fetlock.