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NEW! ๐ŸŽ ๐Ÿ’– Micklem bridle  ๐Ÿšš Posted.*

NEW! ๐ŸŽ ๐Ÿ’– Micklem bridle ๐Ÿšš Posted.*

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Perfect for Jumpers, eventers, trail riding, or anywhere you go if you would like to take the pressure off your horses nerves and pressure points. Made in a high grade leather, stitched all around to ensure this item lasts you many years. Wider, Soft padding for the poll and nose area for more comfort on your horse. Sturdy metal clips and buckles

ABOUT THE MICKLEM STYLE BRIDLE Suitable for horses and riders at every level, from professionals to pleasure and pony riders, the Micklem bridle is loved by horses, loved by trainers and is the most comfortable, effective and flexible bridle ever designedโ€™ Designed โ€˜from the inside outโ€™ the Micklem bridle is structured around the anatomy of the horseโ€™s skull. Traditional bridles can cause pressure on the five main sensitive areas of the horseโ€™s head and the Micklem bridle aims to avoid these โ€“ making horses more comfortable and happier. The areas are: 1. Top and Bottom Jaw When looking at the skull of any horse it is obvious that the top jaw is considerably wider than the lower jaw and it therefore protrudes. Tight nosebands may cause discomfort to the sensitive tissue in the mouth. The Micklem bridle has a uniquely positioned noseband shape with diagonal side pieces avoiding the protruding molars but not placing any inward pressure. 2. Pressure on motor and sensory nerves These nerves exit to the outside of the skull at a point just underneath the normal position of cavesson and flash nosebands. Continual pressure in this area can cause discomfort as well as numbness to the nose and lips. The positioning and fitting of the Micklem bridle completely avoids the exit point of the facial nerves and any inward pressure in this area. 3. Poll pressure The Micklem bridle has a widened, shaped and padded headpiece with no separate, potentially uncomfortable, noseband strip. 4. Pressure or discomfort on delicate and fragile nasal bones These should never be subjected to the pressure of low fitting nosebands. The Micklem bridle has the front piece sitting on the nose higher than a normal drop noseband.


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