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What is Rejuvenate?

44800642_547221659057421_2958476299296833536_nEvents such as weaning, transport, competition, intensive work, illness, surgery, separation anxiety and sudden changes of feed can cause stress on the horseā€™s body with negative impacts on the digestive tract and beneficial gut flora.

Farmalogicā€™s Rejuvenate can aid in the gastric comfort of equines, especially during periods of stress. The Ā ingredients in Farmalogicā€™s Rejuvenate have been shown to:

  • Improve feed utilisation
  • Stabilise the hindgut reducing the risk of acidosis
  • Favour beneficial microflora
  • Help produce drier, less odorous manure
  • Reduce the impact of travel stress
  • Stimulate and support the immune system
  • Improve colostrum quality

Directions for Use

Introduce Rejuvenate 2 days prior to and for 3 days following a known stress event, or use for 3 to 5 days from when gastric challenge or diarrhoea begins.

Horses: 60 g per day
Ponies: 35g per day

Performance horses and those undergoing stress events will benefit from being fed a correctly formulated diet high in roughage, containing adequate vitamins and antioxidants and with a balanced mineral profile. Rejuvenate can be fed in conjunction with Equine Vit&Min supplements. Always provide clean, fresh water.

Rejuvenate also now comes in a paste form!

Give the day before and the morning of a competition, transport, weaning or other stressful events, and for the following 2 days.

Horses: 30 ml per day
Ponies: 15 ml per day

Rejuvenate does not containĀ substances prohibited by the rules of racing and FEI competitions.


Prebiotic fibre, MOS, two strains of heat protected live yeast, aluminosilicates.