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Billy Royal® Basketweave Square Skirt Western Work Saddle

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Durable Enough for Work, Exceptional Enough for Show A western work saddle that's durable enough for everyday use but with the hand tooled leather, it won't look out of place in the show ring. An exceptional work saddle that can transition to a show saddle on days with inclement weather. Billy Royal® saddles are crafted with the finest hand selected hides on our own custom-made wooden trees. Skirt measures 29" L x 16" W.

Key Benefits

Fine Hand Tooling
Billy Royal® saddles are crafted with the finest hand selected hides ensuring great workmanship and a long lasting saddle. Beautifully hand tooled in a very fine, delicate basketweave pattern.

Pre-Turned Fenders
Pre-turned fenders are lined to provide an already broken in feel. These fenders will help keep your leg in the correct position. This also has attached stirrup hobbles and Easy-Change Fender adjustment.

Built for Today's Horses
Semi-Quarter horse bars with a 7 1/2" gullet on our custom-made trees fit today's modern conformations. Designed to fit a variety of breeds from Arabians to Quarter Horses.

Padded Seat
Comfortable hand-shaped and padded seat offers excellent balance. The padded seat helps keep you centered for optimal performance.

Heavy Duty Hardware
Reinforced stainless steel rings front and back accommodate all training aids, along with leather tie strap and off billet.

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