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MJ03 Josey-Mitchell Featherlight only 10.8 KG

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Save that precious time in the Circle Y Josey-Mitchell Featherlight Contender barrel saddle. It's based on the Josey Lightspeed with ultra-short skirts in an all-roughout design that only weighs 24 lbs. Built on the popular Josey Ultimate tree, it's the perfect speed saddle!

Based on the Josey Lightspeed, the Featherweight Contender has ultra-short skirts and an all-leather design that weighs 24 lbs. It has the same great Josey Ultimate tree with the 5" cantle for a super-secure run. Add in the roughout and suede seat for that extra grip and, you are ready to compete at your highest level!

- Swells keep you in the correct position to keep the horn available
- 4" slanted forward horn helps to push down into your turn and pull up coming out of your turn
- Deep, dished center pocket keeps you in stride with your horse. The seat is dished so you sit in the seat and not on it, allowing you to stay in stride with the horse
- Cantle keeps you from getting behind the horse’s stride

"Quality, Craftsmanship & Style... Demand the best - I do! I’ll only ride in a Circle Y because of the way the saddles fit our horses and help riders from beginner to advanced keep a correct seat." ~Martha Josey


Country of Manufacture United States
Discipline Barrel
Weight 24.00 Pounds - 10.8862 KG
Cantle Height 5.00 inches
Brand Circle Y
Swell 13 inches
Seat Color Black Suede, Nutmeg Suede
Seat Size 13 1/2", 14", 14 1/2", 15", 15 1/2", 16", 17"
Color Chestnut, Chocolate
Tooling Degree None
Rigging 7/8 In-Skirt C
Tree Type Ultimate DURAhide
Tree Fit Regular, Wide
Skirt Drop 13.50 inches
Skirt Length 24.50 inches
Weight 24.0000