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Ladies Black Luna Glitter Belt

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Designed with your Ladies Luna Breeches in mind! 

The key to perfectly finishing off any equestrian outfit when wearing breeches, jods or tights with belt loops is a beautiful, stylish belt.

This season we have designed 3 belts (one is on its way) to complete your riding outfits. These stunning belts are made from high quality PU leather and have a striking glitter centre panel that will glisten in the sun.

Black is extremely on trend in equestrian fashion this season and this stylish belt will take your black riding tights or breeches to the next level.  

Belt measures 3cm wide

XS 63cm-73cm,

S 69cm-79cm,

M 76cm-86cm,

L 81cm-91cm,

XL 86cm-96cm