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Equi-Guard 3D Mesh Brushing Boots

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Product Features and Benefits
Did you know... the lower part of a horse's leg is the most prone to injury?

Prevent scratches or brusies during training or riding with this staple brushing boot. 

Lightweight and comfortable, these Equiguard 3D Mesh Brushing Boots feature a strong outer shell to protect your horse's legs during training. While the outside is strong and tough, inside you will find a soft lining to prevent rubbing. 

Keeps the legs cool while exercising thanks to the breathability of mesh. Quick fastening makes it easy to put on and off. 

Not only will these boots provide a secure and supportive feeling for your horse, but they will also give the rider extra reassurance for the health and wellbeing of your horse. 

Key Features
• Mesh keeps the legs cool with breathability
• Provide a secure and supportive feeling for your horse's legs

• Quick and easy fastening and soft lining to prevent rubbing
• Prevent scratches or bruises during training or riding

• Sold in pairs.