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This twin pack (1.5Kg) makes 60 doses. $5.50 per dose.

EnerGene Q10 (Supplied in a 1.5Kg  Tub)  Download Full Brochure

This is supplied as 2 X 750g tubs, which is 2 months supply for 1 horse, this is the minimum you can buy.


ENERGENE Q10 is the world’s first nutrigenomic supplement for horses based on published scientific evidence, linking the nutritional requirements of the horse to its genetic make-up.


ENERGENE Q10 has been scientifically formulated to contain a highly bioavailable form of the mitochondrial Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) to support more efficient energy production within a horse’s muscles. The formulation also contains anti-oxidant properties to aid in delaying fatigue and enhancing recovery following intense exercise.


CoQ10 is a key nutrient for generating energy


EnerGene Q10 contains the nutrient Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10), which is critical for the production of cellular energy in the form of ATP. CoQ10 is used when energy is generated aerobically, a process that requires oxygen and is a much more efficient pathway than when energy is produced anaerobically, a process that does not require oxygen.


Therefore, any deficiency in CoQ10 may result in a transition to the less efficient anaerobic energy generation cycle. CoQ10 is also a strong anti-oxidant.


Field trials have shown that EnerGene Q10 delivers CoQ10 to the muscle


A key question in oral supplementation is whether the nutrient reaches the target region in sufficient quantities. In a field trial involving 19 Thoroughbred horses at a leading trainer’s yard in Ireland, daily supplementation of EnerGene Q10 increased the level of CoQ10 in the muscle (P < 0.01). After nine weeks of supplementation the CoQ10 concentration in the muscle increased by 40%.






per 25 g

per kg


Vitamin E

1,000 mg

40,000 mg


Vitamin C

250 mg

10,000 mg

Trace Elements

Selenium - SE Organic

1 mg

40 mg

Other Additives

Curcuma Longa

200 mg

8,000 mg

Other Ingredients

MicroActive® Co-enzyme Q10

200 mg

8,000 mg



500 mg

20,000 mg


Add 25g per day to feed. A 25g measure is provided. Each 750g contains 30 doses at 25g per day.Directions for use: