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Easy-Mount Step Stool

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Option One: 

Dura-Tech® Easy-Mount Tall Step Stool
A lightweight and portable step stool that lets you mount your horse from anywhere, made in an even taller height for easy mounting from anywhere!
  • 14" total height (4" higher than original) giving you more of a 'step' up for taller horses, shorter legs or shorter stirrups.
  • Aluminum folding legs for convenient and quick in use assembly and storage.
  • 5 ft. nylon pull cord allows you to pull the stool up after use and place in storage bag, making this perfect for trailer riders or those without easy access to steps or a mounting block.
  • Comes with drawstring carrying case to hold stool while riding. Easily hangs off the saddle and kept out of the way.
  • 6" Treaded non-slip grip platform ensures your foot doesn't slide around while mounting.
  • Up to 136KG weight capacity. 

Option Two:

Easy-Mount Step Stool

The Easy-Mount Step Stool is a lightweight, portable step stool that helps you mount your horse anywhere. The stool features a 6" treaded platform with three aluminum fold-up legs. A 5' attached nylon cord allows you to pull the stool up to you after mounting your horse. To secure the legs, tie the cord around them and fit the stool into the mesh drawstring bag. The bag can then hang off the saddle, keeping the step stool within easy reach. Whether on the trail or in the arena, the Easy-Mount Step Stool makes mounting your horse easy.

  • Features a 6" treaded platform with 3 aluminum fold-up legs
  • 5' attached nylon cord allows you to pull the stool up after mounting
  • Secure legs with cord
  • Fits into a mesh drawstring bag to hang off saddle.
  • Overall length: 10"L
  • Maximum recommended weight capacity 124KG.