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Classic Equine Polo Wraps Set of 4

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A brand loved by amateur riders, enthusiasts, professional jockeys, and trainers, Classic Equine is a leading producer of horse accessories. Hailing from Texas, USA, the brand’s products capture the spirit of the western cowboys.

Classic Equine makes a wide range of products geared towards racing, showing, and casual riding. Regardless of what accessories you choose, they are always reliable and will meet your needs.

A brand with a legacy of producing durable and comfortable horse accessories, Classic Equine’s saddle pads, protection boots, mouth bits, and other accessories are made using only the finest materials by experienced craftsmen.

The brand is committed to producing innovative and ingenious horse accessories that make your every ride memorable and enjoyable.

Classic Equine polo wraps continue this mantra of providing maximum comfort. Made using high-quality fleece, these polo wraps are soft on your equine companion’s coat. When paired with Classic Equine Knee Guards, these polo wraps provide superior protection without restricting natural movement.

These Classic Equine polo wraps come in sets four and with an included laundry bag. Each wrap measures 4 ½  inches in width, and 108 inches in length.

This product comes in three colour choices: Black, Fuschia, White.