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From the backyard to the show ring to the race track, Classic Equine is one of the most well-known brands in the equine industry. 

With a wide range of horse accessories including mouth bits, cinches, correction pads and more, the brand has established itself as the preferred choice for professional racers, trainers, and equine enthusiasts.

The brand’s drive for excellence means they only use the highest quality materials for its accessories. Masterfully crafted using years of experience, these high-quality materials turn into some of the finest equine accessories in the world.

Classic Equine perfectly marries form and function, as the products are sleek and elegant, offering superior comfort. 

One of the more popular products from the brand, the Knee Boot 2’s are designed for ultimate comfort and maximum protection. Made using double-layer neoprene—an innovative lightweight material that allows for natural movement while providing great shock protection—these Classic Equine boots are perfect for all types of riding styles.

The loop and hoop closures allow for easy application and securely hold the boots in place. These boots are recommended to be used in combination with polo wraps or splint boots for maximum protection and performance.

These Classic Equine boots are only available in standard sizes.Attaches to the top of the splint boot or polo wrap for stability

  • The innovative design offers superb protection and remains securely in place.
  • Double layered nepp[rene for extra protection.
  • Secures quickly and easily with hook and loop closures.
  • Size: Standard