“If you have gained the trust of a horse, you have won a friend for life.”

fix Billy Royal® Supreme Champion Show Saddle POA

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  • Billy Royals most popular and impressively detailed design will make a lasting impression
  • Each saddle is hand-made and meticulously hand-tooled
  • Full quarter horse bars on our custom made trees fit today’s modern conformations
  • Skirts and pre-turned fenders are lined to provide an already broken in feel
  • Hand shaped and padded seat provides the ultimate comfort and balance
  • Close contact skirting provides the ultimate in close contact with your horse
  • Beautifully hand-engraved sterling silver plated trim in detailed square patterns
  • Diagonal cut skirt with inlaid black border featuring inset stainless steel dots
  • Sizes:  15 ½”, 16” , 17”
  • Skirt measures:  29 ½”L with a 17” drop length
  • Color:  Light oil
  • Saddle prices may vary slightly due to the Australian dollar. Please Contact us for a Quote when your ready to purchase. 

$4,499.00 usd    POA for RRP AUD 5/09 check out suppliers reviews 

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 This saddle fit my quarter horse great. I have tried a lot of western pleasure saddles out before but this one has it all. Great seat and fit with lot's of feel. 
This saddle is absolutely beautiful. Not overwhelming. Fits our paint just right. We use a solid black pad and also the matching bridle. Comfortable to ride in. Had many compliments.
This is my first Billy Royal saddle and I couldn't be happier. It's beautiful and so comfortable. It fits my 14.2 arab and my 16.3 paint. I can't wait to get it out in the show ring!

best saddle ever made!!!!

very flashy and top of the line ... could not ask more out of a saddle and very comfortable too