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NEW!   Billy Royal® Santa Ana Show Saddle FREE 🚚

NEW! Billy Royal® Santa Ana Show Saddle FREE 🚚

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This saddle rides like a dream by enhancing rider comfort and giving riders a much better ‘feel’ of their horse for much better communication.  The Santa Ana balances riders nicely over the back and leg and foot movement is substantially reduced with all of the close contact features.  This saddle is totally handmade and has a full sterling silver plated pommel, horn and oversized corner plates, giving the saddle a rich, clean look.  

Features include:

  • Crafted from hand selected hides for its high quality and suppleness for years of use
  • Custom made wooden, rawhide wrapped tree with a lifetime warranty
  • Tooled completely by hand in the classic Entz pattern
  • Hand engraved 92.5 % sterling silver plate is easy to maintain and will keep its long lasting shine
  • Full silver pommel and horn with oversized corner plates
  • Super comfortable hand-padded and shaped suede seat with a narrower twist
  • Full Quarter Horse Bar measuring 7 ½” across will fit most conformations
  • Pre-turned Flex Fenders allows riders freer foot movement for better contact with their horse
  • Lined skirts and fenders are easy to condition and provide a finished professional look
  • Attached stirrup hobbles stay with the fender at all times and keep them from being lost
  • Easy Change fender adjustment raises and lowers stirrup lengths effortlessly
  • Close contact cut out under leg for greater feel and communication with your horse
  • Color: Light oil or Espresso
  • Sizes: 15 ½, 16 or 17
  • Skirt length:  29 1/2"
  • Drop:  17"
  • 4,799.00 USD plus Shipping , Duty and taxes ,Quarantine and gst. 
  • Price in bar is approx it will be subject to change 

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