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NEW! Billy Royal® Rancher Extreme Cowboy Saddle  🚚 Posted.*

NEW! Billy Royal® Rancher Extreme Cowboy Saddle 🚚 Posted.*

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  • Billy Royal® Rancher Extreme Cowboy Saddle
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    • Rugged features to handle the rugged chores of today's cowboys
    • Highest grade, supple chestnut oiled leather has broken in appeal
    • Rawhide wrapped wooden tree has a lifetime warranty
    • Roughout skirts and fenders with smooth cantle, rear jockey and pommel
    • Our custom trees are modified to fit today's modern conformations, from Arabians to Quarter Horses
    • Hand-tooled barbwire edge around skirt and fenders
    • Skirts and pre-turned fenders are lined to provide an already broken in feel
    • Narrow, hand-shaped and padded seats provide comfort and balance
    • Butterfly cut skirting provides the ultimate in close contact
    • In tree rigged for added toughness
    • Leather tie strap and off billet strap
    • Skirt: 28 1/2"L x 16" drop length
    • Weight: 31 1/2 lbs.
    • Gullet: 7 1/2"
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