NEW! 🐎 πŸ’– Baucher 14mm Snaffle 5" 🚚 Posted*
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New! Baucher 14Mm Snaffle 5 Posted*

NEW! 🐎 πŸ’– Baucher 14mm Snaffle 5" 🚚 Posted*

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Stainless Steel. The baucher is most often seen in use for showjump and dressage phases in eventing. The reins attach to the eggbutt-like ring at the mouthpiece, while the bridle cheeks attach to the smaller ring. This makes the bit sit flat against the horse's face and is quite fixed in the mouth. Pressure is concentrated on the bars, along with some slight poll pressure.Β 

This Pinchless model features an internal bushing on either side of the joint which rotate independently and prevent pinching of the horse's tongue & cheeks or bruising to the palate .Β 

Cob Size (5"/12.5cm)
Mouth Thickness 14mmΒ 
Ring Size (diameter) 2"
Cheek Length (from top of bridle attachment to bottom of ring) 90mm


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