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6870 Round Rock Gaited horse

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The 6870 Round Rock trail saddle is designed specifically for your gaited horse with a gaited wood tree, short skirts, and Adjustable Position rigging. Rear angled dee is used to secure saddle when traveling over rough terrain, aided with your choice of rigging position to customize the fit to your horse. Double padded seat and preturned fenders for long-lasting comfort. Easy care fleece means taking care of this saddle is a breeze. Classy floral panel tooled with is accented with silver-plated conchos (featuring a protective finish for ease of care) with clip & dees front and rear and saddle strings on the rearmost conchos to tie your gear.

The gaited breeds such as Standardbred or 4 beet  movement have different conformation than other light horse breeds. The gaited horse is often longer in the back, with a short hindquarter and long gaskin. The lumbosacral joint in a gaited horse is always a little farther back, as is the femur placement (toward the rear of the pelvis).

recommended for horse has narrow shoulders and a wide back as well, consider a gaited horse saddle ..


Country of Manufacture United States
Discipline Trail - Gaited
Weight 30.00 Pounds
Cantle Height 4.00 inches
Brand High Horse
Horn 3 1/4" Neck x 2 1/4" Cap
Swell 13 inches
Seat Color Black Grainout, Black Suede
Seat Size 13", 14", 15", 16", 17", 18"
Color Black, Walnut
Tooling Degree 3/4 Tooling
Tooling Type Floral
Rigging Adjustable Position In-Skirt
Tree Type High Horse DURAhide™ Gaited
Tree Fit Gaited Regular
Skirt Drop 9.00 inches
Skirt Length 25.00 inches
Weight 30.0000