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6832 Galaxy Barrel

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Our Galaxy Barrel saddle is out of this world! Ride at the speed of light and leave no trace; this saddle weighs 21 pounds! Coupled with a Cheetah print seat and Cordura suede, this saddle makes a statement all its own.

Secure, lightweight, affordable, and with just the right amount of flash, the Galaxy Barrel is a great ride. The Galaxy Barrel weighs just under 21 pounds with its Cordura suede combination. The 5" cantle offers a secure seat.

Country of Manufacture United States
Discipline Barrel
Weight 21.00 Pounds
Cantle Height 5.00 inches
Brand High Horse
Swell 12 inches
Seat Size 12", 13", 14", 14 1/2", 15", 16", 17"
Color Chocolate
Tooling Degree None
Rigging 7/8 In-Skirt C
Tree Type High Horse DURAhide Barrel
Tree Fit Regular, Wide, Extra Wide
Skirt Drop 12.00 inches
Skirt Length 24.00 inches
Weight 21.0000