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2650 Odessa All Around

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It's time to give those jack of all trades riders a saddle all their own. Packed with features to assist in a wide array of events. Secure feeling seat for speed events like barrels and poles, wrapped horn for calf roping, and complete with baby powder holder on the billet for breakaway ropers. The Odessa All Around has a sharp but subtle look with its all roughout leather and classy hand tooled border. Cream-colored quilting on the chocolate suede seat.

Country of Manufacture United States
Discipline All Around
Weight 33.00 Pounds
Cantle Height 3.50 inches
Brand Circle Y
Swell 13 inches
Seat Color Chocolate Suede
Seat Color Chocolate Suede
Seat Size 12", 12 1/2", 13", 13 1/2", 14", 14 1/2", 15", 15 1/2", 16"
Color Chocolate, Regular Oil
Tooling Degree Full Border
Tooling Type Lace
Rigging 7/8 Double In-skirt
Tree Type BGC All-Around
Tree Fit Regular, Wide
Skirt Drop 14.50 inches
Skirt Length 25.00 inches
Weight 33.0000