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The Montana barrel showcases a vintage finish, turquoise lightning bolt conchos, 3/4 Sparkling Diamond tooling, and a 3-way adjustable in-skirt rigging. Riders will feel secure through turns due to the deep pockets its Wood Freedom Fit tree has to offer. If you’re looking to turn heads in and out of the arena, then this is the saddle for you!
• The barrel racer looking for a wide swell and tall cantle (5”) to keep them in a more ideal position.
• The barrel racer who rides multiple horses may need different rigging capabilities for those different horses.
• The barrel racer who prefers a traditional western look in a barrel saddle.
• The Freedom Fit wood tree has a narrow seat twist geared to fit female riders!
• The traditional wood tree provides support while also aiding in a more even distribution of weight across the bars.
• A secure seat coupled with wide swells allows the rider to stay more properly balanced through a powerful turn.
• Custom Turquoise Lightning Bolt conchos that are unique and custom to Circle Y Saddles!
• BEAUTIFUL ¾ Sparkling Diamond tooling in the vintage finish!
• 3-Way Adjustable In-Skirt rigging combines the features of a standard western dee rig with the opportunity to change the position of the rigging to Full, 3/4, or 7/8 by merely changing the use of the tie strap. NOTE: Saddle should be rigged the SAME on both sides.
• The Wood Freedom Fit tree comes in two sizes, regular and wide.
• Hardseat saddles are a timeless choice and are known for their unmatchable comfortability once broken in.
• The placement of the saddle on the horse’s back is important to function and comfort. The correct saddling position places the front edge of the bar BEHIND the horse’s shoulder blade. This is the sweet spot where the saddle will rest comfortably without interfering with the horse’s movement.
• Here at Circle Y, we take saddle fit seriously! Often, we see riders over-padding on a well-fitting saddle. This can lead to poor saddle fit, saddle sores, and a sore back! It’s a good rule of thumb to always check your fit and adjust pad width sizing accordingly!
• Have you evaluated your horse’s topline conformation? A weak topline can lead to poor saddle fit. Horses with hollows behind the shoulder, asymmetry, prominent spines, swaybacks, and downhill builds need correctional pads to ensure proper fit. Check out our correction pads at Reinsman Equestrian today to ensure your horse’s comfort or call our customer service team for more info!
• 10 Year Tree Warranty, 1 Year Craftsmanship Warranty.
• If at any point your saddle is showing damage, call our customer service team to receive prompt repair and guidance!

Every new saddle has been oiled and then finished with a protective finish, which means you don’t need to oil it for about six months. If you’re riding a lot in dry or variable weather conditions, you should oil it sooner. The protective finish is water based so your leather can breathe, so do not use detergent-based, solvent, or harsh cleaning products. Rub the leather gently, and do not scrub vigorously with soap and water. For more information, please see your warranty card, or contact a Circle Y representative!