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The Midland Rancher is handcrafted to meet your daily demands of ranch work! The hardseat is designed for those who are spending their days in the saddle and is crafted on a Kevlar-reinforced wood tree for dallying and hard use. Let the Midland Rancher add comfort and class to ranching with slotted brass hardware, ½ Diamond hand-tooling, and a 3-way adjustable in-skirt rigging.
• The rider who is spending long, strenuous hours in the saddle!
• The rancher handling and holding heavy livestock!
• The everyday rider looking for a saddle that is going to offer them superb comfortability and longevity!
• The Wade saddle style comes from the Northwest region of the United States. Tom Dorrance had Hamley’s, a saddle manufacturer at the time, design the saddle based on a saddle Clifford Wade had. This is how we got the name. Over the years, the design was perfected, and Ray Hunt is credited with popularizing the style by riding it in many of his horsemanship clinics conducted throughout the United States, Canada, and Overseas!
• Brass slotted hardware and monel stirrups accentuate the timeless details and hours of craftsmanship that went into the build of the Midland Rancher.
• This saddle will have pre-turned stirrups straight out of the box, thanks to its Hamley Twists! Hamley Twists provide that “broke-in” feel and keep the strain off your knees and ankles!
• The latigo horn wrap addition maintains the longevity of the horn and the leather that protects it if the rider should dally.
• The Midland Rancher encompasses a beautiful walnut finish but can also be ordered in a heavy oil finish.
• Exposed stirrup leathers accentuate the traditional ranch heritage look.
• Round skirts are perfect for the shorter-backed horse.
• 3-Way Adjustable In-Skirt rigging combines the features of a standard western dee rig with the opportunity to change the position of rigging to Full, ¾, or 7/8 by merely changing the use of the tie strap. NOTE: Saddle should be rigged the SAME on both sides.
• The Wade Kevlar-Reinforced tree comes in two sizes, regular and wide. If you have questions concerning saddle fit, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team!
• Hardseat saddles are a timeless choice and are known for their unmatchable comfort once broken in.
• The placement of the saddle on the horse’s back is important to function and comfort. The correct saddling position places the front edge of the bar BEHIND the horse’s shoulder blade. This is the sweet spot where the saddle will rest comfortably without interfering with the horse’s movement.
• Here at Circle Y, we take saddle fit seriously! Often, we see riders over-padding on a well-fitting saddle. This can lead to poor saddle fit, saddle sores, and a sore back! It’s a good rule of thumb to always check your fit and adjust pad width sizing accordingly!
• Have you evaluated your horse’s topline conformation? A weak topline can lead to poor saddle fit. Horses with hollows behind the shoulder, asymmetry, prominent spines, swaybacks, and downhill builds need correctional pads to ensure proper fit. Check out our correction pads at Reinsman Equestrian today to ensure your horse’s comfort, or call our customer service team for more info!
• LIFETIME Tree Warranty, 1 Year Craftsmanship Warranty.
• If at any point your saddle is showing damage, call our customer service team to receive prompt repair and guidance!
Every new saddle has been oiled and then finished with a protective finish, which means you don’t need to oil it for about six months. If you’re riding a lot in dry or variable weather conditions, you should oil it sooner. The protective finish is water-based so your leather can breathe, so do not use detergent-based, solvent, or harsh cleaning products. Rub the leather gently, and do not scrub vigorously with soap and water. For more information, please see your warranty card, or contact a Circle Y representative!

Cantle Height:
Circle Y
2 3/4" Neck x 4 3/4" Cap
9 inches
Seat Color:
Seat Color:
Seat Size:
15", 15 1/2", 16", 16 1/2", 17"
Heavy Oil, Walnut
Tooling Degree:
1/2 Tooling
Tooling Type:
3-Way Adjustable In-skirt
Tree Type:
Wade Kevlar Reinforced
Tree Fit:
Regular, Wide
Skirt Drop:
Skirt Length:
Country of Manufacture:
United States

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