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Saddle Fitting Guide- How to measure your horse.

When looking to purchase your next saddle there can be a number of factors that need to be considered. At Country Scene Saddlery we offer 40+ years of experience and knowledge when it comes to finding the perfect saddle for you and your horse. Although we are not saddle fitters, we have advised numerous customers and recommended a number of successfully fitting saddles. We work closely with numerous expert saddlers and professionals in the saddle making industry. 

Here is a guide to giving as much information to ensure a successful saddle fit for you and your horse. 

  • Send us as many photos of your horse as possible. Your photos need to show your horse standing in a square, even stance in side profile with their head at a natural level (too high or too low changes the backline). 
  • Watch this video about how to do a backtrace (this is not our video but provides fantastic information as a guide). VIDEO LINK
  • Let us know what discipline you intend to do with your new saddle- not all styles fit the same so it is imperative we have this information.

Other Interesting Information

We can not guarantee fit but we will endeavor to supply what you need and give as much advice as we can so you can make an informed choice.