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Saddle Cloths & Pads

Western Pads
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Diamond Wool 


Note to customers: Please ensure you read the description of the product you are intending to purchase. Particularly the length of the pad. If the item you order is too long for your horse or does not suit your horse we cannot exchange. Alternatively, you can contact us prior if you're not sure if the pad will be too short/ too long.

With so many options on the market finding the correct saddle pad for your horse can often be confusing . The  correct pad ensures that you are protecting your horse’s back and keeping them comfortable so they can perform at their best. We have several brands that are proven and come highly recommended  if your not sure ask us and ill try to find the best pad for your needs,

I have  the help of dozen of Experts in the Equine Industry that can direct us in the right direction  

We also offer a fully Custom design for both English and Western 

  Saddle Cloths & Pads


Pony/ Mini Size Pads and Cloths
Saddle Cloths & Pads
 Show Cloths/ Pads 

Saddle Cloths & Pads

English Cloths and Pads

Saddle Cloths & Pads


If a product you're looking for is not here please contact us via email.

We offer a Customized service in Both English and Western Pads