🐎 💖 Windsor driving pleasure harness (Cob, Full)
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🐎 💖 Windsor driving pleasure harness (Cob, Full)

🐎 💖 Windsor driving pleasure harness (Cob, Full)

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Windsor pleasure harness (Cob, Full)


Constructed using  HI TECH 2000 strapping and polished brass buckles, this makes WINDSOR pleasure harness much easier to clean and maintain than leather harness.

 Each set includes. saddle, girth & bellyband, bridle, blinkers, breastplate, traces, breeching, crupper, reins and saddlepad.

(can be bought separate)

Brass hardware



HI TECH 2000



HI TECH 2000 strapping is manufactured from woven polyester webbing coated with a co-polymer to produce a truly new concept in strapping for the equestrian market.



: Retains flexibility over a large temperature range.

: Increased abrasion resistance.

: Sensitive feel. (Not a plastic feel.)

: Ultra violet stabilized.

: Increased tear resistance.

: Increased crack resistance.

: Increased strength.


HI TECH 2000 strapping has been designed with the requirements of the North American and European market very much at the forefront, Tests conducted have shown that

HI TECH 2000 strapping retains its flexibility at temperatures of minus 28.2 degrees centigrade and has a breaking strain of 822kg.


It is easy to see why HI TECH 2000 is leading the way in synthetic strapping.


Price - 1049.00 AUD (inc. GST in Australia)

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