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VIPA Body Protector

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The VIPA Body Protector is designed for both female and male riders. COLOURS AVAILABLEThe VIPA Body Protector is available in Black & Red. APPROVALSThe VIPA Body Protector has been approved by the Australian Racing Board(ARB). PROTECTION LEVELS & TESTINGThe VIPA Body Protector has been tested according to, and conforms with, EN13158: 2009 Standard Level 1. This level of protection is required by horse racing throughout the world

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The new Equestrian Australia rule for cross country Body Protectors comes into effect 1 July 2019. The rule will read: Body Protectors are compulsory for cross country. A Body Protector manufactured after 2009 and labelled as complying with one of the following standards is mandatory:


EN13158:2009 Level 3

BETA 2009 Level 3

EN13158:2018 Level 3

BETA 2018 Level 3


The rule change will be published as: EA 538.3.1 Cross-Country Body Protector


VIPA III conforms to Equestrian Australia approved standards: EN13158:2009 Level 3


All VIPA Body Protectors for Horse Riders are annually tested and pass to the EN13158:2009 Standard Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Confirmation of the Standard it passes can be found on a White Label positioned on the inside at the bottom front by the start of the zip.