NEW! 🐎 💖 This quilted rug bib 🚚 Posted*
*Note: Please check with us prior to placing orders so we can check stock. Covid has hit hard and some suppliers have limited stock ATM*
New! This Quilted Rug Bib Posted* Pony

NEW! 🐎 💖 This quilted rug bib 🚚 Posted*

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This quilted rug bib will protect horse from rug rubbing on chest, shoulders and wither. Good long drop. Full, cob, pony

This is a Pre Order Product and i will need to check stock and colours/sizes for availability.
Please email me prior to placing the order on AFTERPAY so i can check stock please and approve your AFTERPAY purchase,
If a product/colour is "out" we can do a notify when back in stock and place on back order.

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