“If you have gained the trust of a horse, you have won a friend for life.”


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NEW TEAL Show Set with Navy Trim
Please note, even though this is pictured with a euroflap, it doesn't actually come with one. We will get updated pictures ASAP!

Gala Equine show sets come complete with: Rug, Hood, Surcingle and Tail Bag.

Each show set is an 80% 270gsm Cotton; 20% Polyester blend to ensure our sets are durable, don't fade and are built to last.

Our features include:
Triple Velcro closure on hood
Tail bag attachment and tail bag included
Hood attached to rug via elastic and clips onto D rings
Double Webbed Removable leg straps 
Fleece on wither for comfort
Satin lined shoulders and mane for rub prevention 

 NOTE Sizes may change it is highly recommended i check sizes,