NEW! 🐎 💖 Rope Halter with Rolled Noseband 🚚 Posted*
New! Rope Halter With Rolled Noseband Posted*

NEW! 🐎 💖 Rope Halter with Rolled Noseband 🚚 Posted*

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Tuff Tack Rope made here in Australia. These rope halters are hand-tied and the knots are balanced in strategic places. The loop for attaching lines hangs below the horse's jaw and acts as a hinge. These halters are made from a high quality 6mm yachting rope, they are great for natural horsemanship training.

About the rope- made by Tuff Tack in Australia, Polyester is the material that most marine ropes are made from and is used on the outside jacket of climbing ropes to protect them from abrasion. Even high-tech exotic ropes like spectra use polyester to protect them from wear and UV light.

Polyester produces less friction so that means a greatly reduced chance of rope burn and less abrasion on your horse’s skin. Combined with a comfortable weight in the hand our ropes are perfect for all natural horsemanship techniques.

Unlike cheap halter cords and webbing, Polyester will not harden or powder with age and will have only minor fading over the long life of the rope. It is unaffected by water, will not rot, mould or mildew and is resistant to most acids and oils. Polyester can be washed with normal household detergents in warm water.


As a general rule halters and hackamores will fit the following breeds:

MINI: Miniatures under 34” (circumference of noseband approx 34cm)

PONY/FOAL: Shetland (some Shetlands need the Arab Size), Fell Pony, Highland Pony, Icelandic, New Forest Pony, Welsh

ARAB: 13 hand petite Egyptian Arabs with a tea-cup nose. Quarter Horse Yearlings, some Ponies. (circumference of noseband is approx 19”)

STANDARD: Cob size– (generally horses 14 -15.3hands) Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Paint, Stock Horses, Paso Fino, Mustang, Lusitano, Saddlebred, Most Arabs.

WARMBLOOD: Full Size– Warmblood, Trakehner, Dutch Warmblood, Selle Francais, Some Quarter Horse, Paint, Fresian, Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Lipizzan

DRAFT: Clydesdale, Draft, Shire, Percheron, Belgian Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are unsure of the sizing.


Halter only  in a range of colours which i'll add shortly nut until then find the colours at .

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