NEW! 🐎 💖 Rope Hackamore w/Horseman's Reins, Professional Range🚚 Posted

NEW! 🐎 💖 Rope Hackamore w/Horseman's Reins, Professional Range🚚 Posted*

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The Natural Rope Hackamore is hand tied and crafted from light-weight, soft-yet-durable 6mm professional yachting rope. The Natural Hackamore combines loop reins (12mm Professional rope), a halter and a 12-foot lead rope (12mm Professional rope) that is helpful for leading or grazing your horse.

The knot from the hackamore to the mecate is attached for your horses comfort as well as function. With no bit involved, your horse will learn to understand the feel of the reins while you will learn how to read your horses responses without damaging their mouth with a bit.

Often, riders can solve control and relaxation problems with their horses by simply using a hackamore for training rather than a bridle and bit. The hackamore is a great tool as you build a relationship with your horse and learn to communicate with each other.

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