“If you have gained the trust of a horse, you have won a friend for life.”

Robart Pinchless Swivel Reiner Bit.

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Great for horses that need tongue relief- Good all-around purpose bit.  Contains Robart Patented pinchless swivel free system – Each side moves independently.  The Reiner is one of the most popular Robart bits. Excellent for the transition from a snaffle to a ported bit. Curved forward mouthpiece and medium port provide optimum tongue relief, encouraging the horse to relax their mouth, which allows more control.

Robart Pinchless Swivel Reiner Bit

A revolutionary idea and bit design – Instead of training and working a horse on the basis of creating pain and the anticipation of pain, the patented David Robart bit corrects by pressure and eliminating the pain.

Robart™ Pinchless Jointed Bit Long Shank Medium Port

Revolutionary internal bushing design eliminates pinching of tongue or cheeks. The mouth stays closed and calm, tension and stress are greatly reduced. The horse can concentrate on learning and performing. Either half of the bit can rotate independently, allowing each side of the horse to be worked separately, as in lifting a shoulder or flexing exercises.

  • Great bit for reining horses and working cow horses
  • The low port is jointed and each side can be worked individually
  • Revolutionary design eliminates pinching the tongue and the cheeks
  • Stainless steel cheeks and mouthpiece with coppery inlay
  • Copper promotes salivation and increases sensitivity in the mouth
  • Pinchless cheeks for maximum comfort
  • Mouthpiece: 5″
  • Cheeks: 7 1/2″
  • Port: 1 1/2″
  • Bit diameter: 3/8″

Stainless steel with copper inlay construction.

5″ ,5 1/2″ Mouth Available.

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