“If you have gained the trust of a horse, you have won a friend for life.”

PVC Mesh Combo Horse Rug

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PVC Mesh Is a more durable summer option for those with rough paddocks, Shared paddocks or simply horses that are hard on rugs,

We started with the highest quality UV Resistant PVC Mesh Fabric for the basis of this combo. Now, PVC mesh is tough as old boots in terms of rips but in most cases, this tough fabric will fail at the centre seam of the rug first, which is why we’ve eliminated the weakness and removed the centre seam. We’ve added rump darts and belly bands so you have a rug that doesn’t move on the horse but will last!

It also has all of our Standard BFYB Features Including:

  •  UV Resistant PVC mesh
  •  UV Resistant Marine Grade Stabilized threads used
  •  Heavy duty buckles and clips
  •  Bar-Tac Reinforced fittings, necks and gussets
  •  Extended wither fleece protection
  •  Tent Tail Flap
  •  Dual chest straps
  •  Crossover surcingles
  •  Removable leg straps
  •  Shoulder gussets
  •  Satin Lining in shoulder and mane
  •  Generous size and Drop (No Mini Skirts!)