“If you have gained the trust of a horse, you have won a friend for life.”

Weymouth Bridle Double Bridle Noseband & Reins Leather .

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Weymouth Bridle Double Bridle Noseband & Reins Leather

Weymouth Double Bridle With Plain Browband Noseband & Reins

Black ,Havana Brown Leather
Shetland ,Pony, Cob , Full

Weymouth bridles are also called a double bridle or a bit and bradoon.

This relates directly to the two bits used with a double bridle.

Weymouth bridles are used in advanced levels in dressage and in the show ring.

For use when you want to be able to turn and supple the horse on the bradoon bit (snaffle) and flex the horses neck and jaw with the curb bit.

When used correctly they are very effective in aiding communication between rider and horse and collection.

A horse is ready for the double bridle when the horse has obtained an amount of self carriage that results in true collection.

The rider is ready for a double bridle when they have an independent seat, and understand and practice the art of riding a horse from behind and into the hand. Thus aiding the horse in obtaining this self carriage.

Weymouth bridles usually come in two styles – dressage and show.

This Bridle Is A Show style bridle and has a flat, traditional style noseband.

Supplied With Reins.

*The Bit Is For Illustration Only And Is NOT supplied